Unleashing Corporate Innovation

In late 2012, I led EMC’s annual global corporate innovation conference from Israel. The experience was truly life altering, and opened new doors, including the opportunity to provide my perspectives on unleashing corporate innovation on EMC’s Reflections blog.

Here is a small excerpt from EMC Reflections:

In today’s world, large corporations are embracing open innovation through new partnerships, entrepreneurial spirit, and existing capabilities.  Open innovation expands the potential sources of innovation far beyond the bounds of any single organization with the explicit purpose of accelerating internal innovation and expanding markets for external use of innovation.  In this new world, corporations are better positioned to innovate as they create new communities conducive to collaboration and open thinking. The impact is enormous as organizations foster the development of transformational cultures and invest in the talent needed to cultivate this new paradigm.

To read more about Unleashing Corporate Innovation go to this link and share your perspectives on unleashing corporate innovation.

EMC Reflections – Unleashing Corporate Innovation

Innovation Conference Host

Sheryl Chamberlain EMC Innovation Conference Host

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