Mentors in Your Life

As leaders, we appreciate the mentors, leaders and role models upon whose shoulders we stand. We should carefully consider the support and guidance we are consciously and unconsciously providing for those who come after us.

On October 24th I was in Tel Aviv at the David Intercontinental attending an EMC conference when Efrat Segal Mesika came up to me with a big smile on her face.  Remembering our last meeting was at EMC’s Women In Technology leadership breakfast at EMC World over 3 years ago I was excited about the opportunity to catch up and find out about her life.

Calvin Smith and Sheryl Chamberlain

Calvin Smith and Sheryl Chamberlain

I often take moments out of life to connect with people and don’t always realize the impact of those chance meetings.  This one, totally unexpected brought to mind the impact we have on each other’s lives and the opportunity we have to guide others.

When I met Efrat she felt trapped by her engineering role and wanted to find a way to grow into a new career using existing skills.  Understanding the power of her vision I could see opportunities outside of her comfort zone but easily in her reach.  What is now amazing to me is Efrat’s fearless commitment to her future and the value of hearing from a mentor that she could grow and achieve her vision.

Join me as we catch up to Efrat and learn about mentors in her life and her new role as Director Business Development at CliniWorks.

Efrat Segal Mesika – Mentors In Your Life

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